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Billing & Coding: Speech-Language Pathology (A52866)

Mentoring and Shadowing Opportunities
Expand Your SCOPE is a free national program for SLPs who are already certified, but want additional mentoring and shadowing opportunities in order to improve the quality, depth, breath, consistency, and continuity of the care they provide is available. Change the culture of continuing education for SLPs across the country – making lifelong mentoring and shadowing the norm instead of the exception. This will help align the SLP field closer to the models in other educational and healthcare professions, increase clinician confidence and competence, as well as improve flexibility for SLPs moving between specialties and settings.

Speech and Developmental Language Milestones

Adult Language Disorders – ASHA

Alzheimer’s Association

National Aphasia Association

National Stroke Association

Articulation and Phonology:

Augmentative and Alternative Communication:
AAC Messaging and Vocabulary

Aural Rehabilitation:
What the Numbers Means: An Epidemiological Perspective on Hearing

Child Language Development & Disorders:

Evidence-Based Practice:

Top journal articles relevant to daily clinical practice by area

Fluency and Fluency Disorders:

CDC Literacy, Language & Learning:

Nebraska Medicaid Resources:

Patient Provider Communications:

Swallowing & Swallowing Disorders:

Voice & Voice Disorders:

Student Resources


Voice, Speech and Language Disorders

Speech Therapy Tools for Graduate Students

Scholarship Resources:

The Nebraska Speech-Language-Hearing Endowment Fund (NSLHEF) awards three $1,500 scholarships to students that are Nebraska Speech-Language-Hearing Association members.

Student Loans:

University of Delaware students conducted research and determined that 76% of current college students do not understand the major differences between private student loans and federal student loans. They found that over 90% of students underestimate the cost of student debt. Download their comprehensive private student loans guide.

It covers the following information:

  • In-depth comparison of the different private student loan options
  • Risks of using private student loans
  • Information about servicing
  • Information about interest rates
  • Application process and eligibility requirements
State and Local Public Health Dept Resources and Info

Practice in Nebraska


Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services –
Audiology & Speech Language Pathology Licensure

For Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology licensure questions, changes and information, click here.

Medicaid Provider Rates and Fee Schedule for Speech Pathology & Audiology (updated July 1, 2022):

For the PDF, Click here
For the Excel file, Click here

Medicaid Provider Rates and Fee Schedule for Hearing Aids (updated July 1, 2022):

For the PDF, Click here
For the Excel file, Click here

Local Health Department Information

For a comprehensive list of County, City-County and District Health Departments, including website and contact information, click here (PDF).

For local health department resources provided by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, click here.

Government Links
Research Submissions to NSLHA

Research Submissions to NSLHA

NSLHA will post research participant recruitment flyers on its website if all of the following conditions are met.

Responsibility for the design, conduct and dissemination of the research rests solely with the investigator(s).

  1. Investigator or key personnel on the project must be a NSLHA member in good standing.
  2. Project must have IRB approval. Formal approval must be clearly visible on the posted flyer (e.g., IRB dated stamp of approval) or clearly indicated by the investigators using other recruitment means (e.g. videos).
  3. Contact information must be clearly visible on the posted recruitment materials.
  4. Investigators agree to submit their research findings for presentation at the annual NSLHA Convention.
  5. When feasible to do so (e.g. when results are published), investigators agree to provide a brief written summary of key research findings for NSLHA to share with the membership via its website.

Flyers will be removed from the website at the earliest time point that reflects: 1) the IRB expiration date listed on the IRB approval; 2) one year after posting; or 3) the request to do so by the investigator.