NSLH Endowment Fund Scholarship

Make a Nebraska Speech-Language-Hearing Endowment Fund Contribution

NSLHEF Levels of Giving:




$5,000 – $9,999


$2,500 – $4,999


$1,000 – $2,499


$500 – $999


$100 – $499


$10 – $99

May I establish an on-going scholarship rather than contribute to a one-time award?

Each year you have the opportunity to contribute monies for an on-going memorial award, make an award in honor of a person of your choice, or even make an anonymous donation. All you need do is send a check to the NSLH Endowment Fund at 8700 Executive Wood Dr., Suite 400, Lincoln, NE, 68512. Again, 100% of your donated dollars would go toward the on-going fund to support scholarships and continuing education.

NSLH Endowment Fund Scholarship

Nebraska Speech-Language-Hearing Endowment Fund 2023 Scholarship Winners:

  • Kinzey Cooper – University of Nebraska Kearney (SLP)
  • Courtney Ostrander – University of Nebraska Kearney (SLP)

Nebraska Speech-Language-Hearing Endowment Fund 2021 Scholarship Winners:

  • Madison Clausen – University of Nebraska Kearney (SLP)
  • Emily Hass – University of Nebraska Kearney (SLP)
  • Amanda Karr – University of Nebraska at Omaha (SLP)